Wow I had the craziest dream

I dreamt that I was at my locker and the guy who I told I couldn’t be friends with anymore came up to me. I didn’t see him so when he said hi I jumped because he scared me. I looked at him and looked away, closed my locker and started walking away. He followed me and said ” Why are you still doing this!” I didn’t answer. He yelled ” Please I miss you!” I still didn’t answer but I thought “you don’t miss me you piece of shit!” And he said “didn’t I mean anything to you? Doesn’t this hurt you too?” I thought “yes you didn’t mean everything to me you piece of shit. And why should I still care if you never did!” But I didn’t say anything. As I kept walking he grabbed my arm and pulled closer to him. He tried to hug me but I pushed him away. I turned around, didnt say a word and continued walking. He stopped following me and yelled “say anything! Please! I miss you talking to me! Please say anything!” So I did. I turned around and yelled “I wish I never met you!” I closed my eyes because I felt like I was going to cry and when I opened them… He was gone. I stood there confused because I couldn’t remember why I was looking into the hallway. The next day I walked into my first period(he’s in that class in real life) and I sat down in my seat. He walked in but that’s all. I didn’t think anything I just saw him. He didnt look at me and I didn’t know his name. I poked my friend and asked “what’s his name?” And she said “man I can’t remember but we had a class with him freshmen year.” The bell rang so class would be over and my guy best friend was waiting for me. He asked how my day was and all I said was “I feel strange”. As we were walking to my locker I saw the guy but without his girlfriend. She passed by but he didn’t know her either. It was weird. I realized that I never met him, he never met her, I never went through anything because of him. Accidentally I felt my hip and nothing, no cuts. I actually liked it. But right when I realized what was going on, I realized it was a dream. And I woke up…😔

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